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What is a Promising Practice?

A promising practice:

  • Incorporates the philosophy, values, characteristics, and indicators of other positive/effective public health interventions.
  • Is based on guidelines, protocols, standards, or preferred practice patterns that have been proven to lead to effective public health outcomes.
  • Incorporates a process of continual quality improvement that:
    • Accumulates and applies knowledge about what is working and not working in different situations and contexts;
    • Continually incorporates lessons learned, feedback, and analysis to lead toward improvement or positive outcomes.
  • Has an evaluation plan in place to measure program outcomes, but it does not yet have evaluation data available to demonstrate the effectiveness of positive outcomes.
  • Has strong quantitative and qualitative data showing positive outcomes, but does not yet have enough research or replication to support generalized positive public health outcomes.  (Source: Association of Maternal Child Health Program’s Best Practices program)

I would like to suggest a resource that was not developed by me or my organization. Is there any way to do so, even if I have not requested authorization from the document owner?

Please contact the HHR Strategy Team by filling out the form in our Contact us section, describing the resource, and we will communicate with you.

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I cannot access the downloadable resources included in this online resource. How do I get help?

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