Welcoming Communities Pilot Project

Integration of Bilingual Student Trainees



French Health Network of Central Southwestern Ontario


The capacity to recruit bilingual staff and offer services in their language to Francophones living in a minority setting rests in part on the commitment of the entire Francophone community.

Following this principle, the French Health Network of Central Southwestern Ontario, a not-for-profit organization that contributes to the development of health services in this region, participated in the creation of four Welcoming Communities in their service area to facilitate the integration of bilingual student trainees during their stay and promote retention of Francophone and bilingual human resources in Francophone minority communities.

These attraction measures, tailored to each region, promote recognition of the value of bilingual human resources and vitality of the host communities. Student trainees may have opportunities to meet other bilingual professionals and make presentations in French during various events.

In addition to countering the isolation often experienced by students, this unique pilot project helps create links between health organizations in the different regions and Francophone communities.


Welcoming Community