Toolkit for Recruitment of Bilingual Professionals

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Réseau Santé en français Î-P-É.


Réseau Santé en français Î-P-É.


In 2007, the Network developed a first version of the Recruitment Toolkit intended for bilingual students or health professionals able to offer bilingual

Wanted PEI
Recruitment Toolkit

This toolkit contains information relevant to facilitating relocation in Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), a profile of the Acadian and Francophone community, the services offered, the attractions, etc.

It highlights the advantages of working in a bilingual environment. In 2013, the Network presented an electronic version of the Toolkit.

The Network recruitment Toolkit is also used by the Ministry of Health (recruitment and retention Secretariat) in their efforts to recruit bilingual health professionals in P.E.I.


Recruitment Toolkit (en  français ici)